20 Minutes is a RP that was played by the following:

  • Drakath-Dragonlord of lightning
  • Juan Brony Bro
  • M1870
  • Rigbybestie1510
  • Utter solitude
  • Malybird


In this RP, everyone was trying to save Rigbybestie1510 in 20 minutes or she would be killed by The Trio of Destruction. Rigbybesite1510 was saved by Juan Brony Bro who opened the cage for her to escape, but Juan was killed by Master Xandred. Juan's fallen dead body was later revived by Drakath-Dragonlord of Lightning.


  • This RP shows Master Xandred first death.
  • Malybird died from a sacred curse.
  • Rigbybestie1510 was saved in 17 Minutes.