Call Me Drako is an RP played by Drakath, Angry, Rigs, and Mal The Shingami. In the beginning, Angry falls off a cliff and dies, leaving Rigs and Drakath stuck on the beach. Soon after, Angry's son comes out. Rigs and Drakath do not know how to name him, so he says "Call Me Drako!" Rigs and Drakath then vow to protect him while they get his dad's disembered body parts. Soon, they get his dismembered parts back, and do a magical chant, which Drako breaks by opening his eyes. Angry comes out as a new monster, and kills Drako for breaking the chant. He then tries to find Mal the Shingami and strip it's powers and eat its head. Before that, Mal the Shingami uses an attack to blast the evil soul out of Angry. The three make plans to go get pizza, and Angry stays behind, allowing Lord Sepulchure to once again take over his body. The previous RP was Journey to the Underworld.


  • This RP has never been finished, so there are some false parts to complete the story.