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Deidara is the RP character of M1870.


  • Explosion Style 100px-Nature Icon Explosion.svg- Deidara is able to make explosive weapons from the palm of his hand. It's his main ability. It is made by using Lighting and Fire Styles at once.
  • Earth Style 100px-Nature Icon Earth.svg- The ablity to use earth related powers.
  • Fire Style 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg- The abilty to use fire related powers. It is one of the elements that maks up the Explosion Style.
  • Lighing Style 100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg- The abilty to use lighting (electric) like moves. It is one of the elements that makes up the Explosion Style.
  • Teleportation - The ability to move from one place to another in a instant.
  • Summonings - The ability to summon life forms. (Sometimes a price is required for the summoning).

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