Drakath Walker is the blue Lightning Dragonlord who fought along a female entity named Rigs, a shingami named Mal, and an angry, pie-loving godzilla. In Journey to the Underworld, they, except Mal, had to rescue Angry, Ed Walker, Edna Walker, and a male entity named Audit from the DoomKnight Lord Sepulchure and his Serpentine Army, Ultraman Belial and his monster army, and Master Xandred with his Mooger Army. He sometimes need to fight Angry because the monster is possessed by Seppy, and he always wins. However, Seppy's esscence escapes and Drak has to ressurect him, only for Seppy to possess him again, leaving the inventor on a guilt trip.
Drakath fighting Angry

Drakath about to kill the AngryGodzillaPie.

Weapons and PowersEdit

Nunchucks of Lightning





Elemental Align

Health Charge

Shield Bash

Spirit of Lightning

Spirit of Earth (N/A)

Spirit of Ice (N/A)

OMGBBQ: Spirit of Fire (N/A)

RPEP Charge

Eye of DragonLords

DragonLords's Soul

Spirit Bomb

True Potential