Lord Sepulchure

Lord Sepulchure

Lord Sepulchure is an evil villian who is the main antagonist of the RP series. In Journey to the Underworld , he gained the Serpentine's allegiance, and hired Ultraman Belial and Master Xandred to capture Angry, Ed Walker, Edna Walker, and Audit. He gets defeated and melts into his Necrotic Sword of Doom. However, Skales uses a spell to bring him back and he possesses Angry. Drakath was forced to kill Angry multiple times due to the possession, and both wins and loses because he kills Angry, but Lord Sepulchure's essence always escapes, leaving Drak to resurrect Angry, only for Seppy to possess him again. It was revealed that he is New Heathera, but in Journey to the Underworld, when Rigs and Drakath kicked his mask off, he looked nothing like New Heathera.


Master Xandred


Ultraman Belial


Seppy's minions


Seppy with his helmet off.