Russel Normal
Russel is Owen Lover's Main RP Character

Russel is a wizard, inspired by a character on DA, trained in the arts of swapping (And Fusion) (Listed below).

Types of PowersEdit

  • Soul Swap
  • Gender Swap
  • Fusion
  • Body Part Swap
  • Personality Swap
  • Hair Swap
  • Age Swap
  • Species Swap
  • Volition Swap

Rigby BirdEdit

Rigby Bird is the 2nd form of Russel, and has the ability of spinning his tail as a weapon (And a fan in summer). He also uses the tail to fly, and still has all the powers of Russel's normal form. It debuts in the episode Russel debuts in, as Russel's secret weapon. The Rigby Bird form may be unstable, since a piece of Rigby Bird would stay when Russel returns to normal, and Russel never uses it more than 10 minutes at a time, and always makes it recharge, thus making it unknown what happens when Russel stays in Rigby Bird form for more than 10 minutes, however rumors by his friends is that Russel becomes an irreversable, twisted hybrid of Russel and Rigby Bird.