Ryuk's normal form


Ryuk is a small battle demon that assists people in battle. He is about the size of a human hand, and can use magic. He is Iron Rigby's backup RP character.


  • Basic Magic - Ryuk can use basic magic, such as fireballs and lightning. However, this is limited to his small size, as the fireballs would only be about the size of a finger.
  • Laser Beams - Ryuk can fire small lasers. They can make small holes inside a normal human.
  • Power - As a demon, he can be killed, as he depends on a person's/team's battle prowess to survive. As he gets weaker, his magic decreases. If battle prowess completely disappears, he will die.
  • Teleportation - He can teleport, but only short distances.
  • Giant Form - He can transform into a human-sized form. Limited to charging for two hours, and can be in his form for 10 minutes.
  • Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat - Only available to his giant form.
  • Levitation - Ryuk can fly several feet off the ground.


Ryuk - Giant form

Ryuk's Giant Form