'Sasuke' is one of Malybird's back-up, he is very agile and has great Swordsmanship.

Abilities Edit

Chidori- This is a attack that does heavy damage on the Person it is attacked on it may even paralyze the enemy.

Sharingan- This is a technique that is only from the members of the Uchiha Clan such as Sasuke it allows the user to see a future attack and confuse the enemy.

Curse Mark (State 1)- The Curse Mark was given to Sasuke by Oruchimaru it and it Gives him a high power rate that can double his attacks, speed, defense, and agility.

Curse Mark (state 2)- This state is twice as strong as the first it also gives the user the ability of flying.

Dark Chidori- Is a chidori but is under influence of State 2 and it is twice as strong.

Lions Barrage- Is a Taijustu that sasuke copied for Rock Lee but changed it a bit.

Fireball Jutsu- Is a attack that fires a giant fireball and burns the enemy.


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