Solitude's Melody

Solitude's Melody is a RP Played By The Following:

  • Drakath-Dragonlord of lightning
  • Rigbybestie1510
  • Malybird


Drak, Rigs, & Maly were on a quest to defeat IT, who was in the Dark Realm. Maly was impatient and could not wait which caused him to be turned to stone by Medusa but was unstoned by Rocco, soon after Maly charged up the million steps (again) and decapitated Medusa. After making it through the Twilight Realm they made it to the Love Realm and Maly was slapped by Aphrodite and her daughters Maly was later slapped by Rigs. After that Maly left in a angry mood by himself he was in a bit in a touble against IT when IT insulted Maly he got more angry and that triggered demon mode causing Maly to go on a rampage and burning IT to death he soon burned Rigs but Rigs somehow survived atfer that he glared at Drak but before that Maly was out of Demon Mode he and Rigs started to fight each other Maly explained that he can't control his Demon side, when Maly found a note and it was revealed that X has taken Mal's Demon Mask.


  • This RP is based off the user Utter solitude.
  • In this RP Aphrodite makes her first appearance.
  • IT Some how survived and may return.
  • This RP will continue in X Marks.