The Bounty

The Bounty is Malybird, Iron Rigby, Drakath-Dragonlord of lightning, Rigbybestie1510, M1870 and Juan Bro Bro's ship. It is their mobile base, both being able to fly and float in water.


  • Cannons - The ship has cannons on each side as a defense mechanism.
  • Floatation - The ship can float, and has underwater jets.
  • Flight - The ship can fly, with multiple jets installed to enable safe flight.
  • Missiles - The ship has multiple missiles for massive damage.
  • Escape Pods - The ship has multiple escape pods for immediate escape.
  • Fusion Core - The ship has a special fusion core that provides safe and efficent energy for the entire ship, though some resources must give off recoil, and creates smoke.
  • Computer Database - The ship has a massive database, providing information about almost everything.