The Reaper

The Reaper

The Reaper is a sadistic, cruel mass murderer that will appear in The Soul Ripper.


Hit on the head as a baby, the Reaper grew up insane, and believed that he was the World's Retribution. He has killed hundreds of people, and his next target: The RP Crew.


  • Insanity - All the power he has gained has gone to head. Not only that, he was bumped on his head as a baby, so his mind is broken.
  • Power - His power is enormous. He can lift cars and punch people into walls.
  • Hollow Powers - He is able to use normal hollow powers, such as Ceros, regeneration, sword skills, and a Hollow Mask.
  • Overwhelming Power - His large aura frightens and weakens people. Even Ryuk is weakened by his power.
  • Intelligence - All though he is insane, he is still very smart, knowing much about battle tactics and modern technology.


  • He is not kidnapping Nya in the new RP.
  • He is responsible for the murders of 694 people.


The Reaper's Hollow Mask

The Reaper's Unique Hollow Mask. Notice how it is all black.