Lord Sepulchure

Lord Sepulchure

The Trio of Destruction consists of Lord Sepulchure, Ultrraman Belial, and Master Xandred. In Journey to the Underworld, they captured Nya, Ed Walker, Edna Walker, Angry, and Audit to lead Rigs and Drakath to their death. However, it failed, and Rigs summoned Alex, Vralin, Rocco, Captain Lestrad, Ultra Dragon, Worsh, and the Power Rangers with her entity powers. Belial and Xandred got crushed and Lord Sepulchure melted into his Necrotic Sword of Doom. It has been confirmed that they will come back in another RP, and they did. They came back in 20 Minutes, making plans to kill Rigs in 20 minutes.



Master Xandred


Ultraman Belial