"Zero! Son of UltraSeven!"

 Ultraman Zero is a being from the Land of Light, in the M78 Nebula. He is the son of an elite warrior known among his people as UltraSeven. He is a character played by Mercenary86.

He was trained under Ultraman Leo after he was banished from the Land of Light by his father for attempting to take the Plasma Spark for himself. Zero relies more on physical strength and raw power in combat and is somewhat stubborn, however he has a caring side. Upon arriving at Earth, he encountered and fell in love with a human girl named Miyu Kazami, who instantly befrended Zero and was the first to discover Ren Akiyama's true identity as an Ultra.

Abilities: Edit

Transformation: Zero must remain in human form while on Earth, but is able to transform using a device called the Ultra Eye, which resembles a pair of sunglasses. To transform, he puts on the Ultra Eye and yells "Zero!"
Ultrmn Zr Rn

Zeros human form, Ren Akiyama

Ultra Zero Kick

Emerium Slash: A beam attack that can wound enemies. It is fired from the Color Timer in Zeros chest.

Zero Wide Shot: A beam attack where Zero places his right arm upward and his left arm towards the right where his arms resemble an "L" and the beam fires from the bottom of his right arm.

Zero Sluggers: Throwing weapons placed on his head that cam combine into the Zero Twin Blade, a crescent-shaped blade using plasma energy.

Ultra Growth: Like all Ultra's, Zero can change his size at will with his maximum height being 51 meters

Weaknesses Edit

Can only stay in Ultra Mode for a few minutes while on Earth, or else he'll die. His remaining time is indicated by the Color Timer affixed into his chest. Blue means 5 minutes remaining, yellow means 2 minutes and thirty seconds remaining, and red means one minute remaining.